MedXT Standalone

MedXT Standalone

Full standalone high-volume production system specially designed for applying blood collection tube coatings such as EDTA, Heparin and clotting agents. The XYZ motion platform can be configured as a 10-up or 20-up system for user desired output.

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High Volume Load TraySingle MedXT nozzle

Basic Specifications

DIMENSIONS: 1335 mm W x 1505 mm H x 942 mm D (52.5” W x 59.3” H x 37.1” D)
WORK AREA: 650 x 650 x 100 mm (25.6” x 25.6” x 3.94”)
CONTROL: Windows-based (PC included)
POWER REQUIREMENTS: 120V, 220V +/-10%, 50-60Hz
AIR: 551.6 kPa (80 PSI) dry, unlubricated air
MOTORS: Brushless DC Servo