A conveyorized system configured with 1-4 stationary ultrasonic nozzles or one reciprocating nozzle for low to mid-volume production.

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VersiCoat conveyorVersiCoat EboxVersiCoat exhaustVersiCoat openVersiCoat Conveyorized Production Volume Coating System

Basic Specifications

FLOOR SPACE REQUIRED: 198 cm H x 184 cm W x 213 cm D (78” H x 72.5” W x 84” D)
ENCLOSURE DIMENSIONS: 163 cm H x 184 cm W x 122 cm D (64” H x 72.5” W x 48” D)
CONTROL: Microprocessor with backlit LCD keypad
POWER REQUIREMENTS: 120, 220V +/- 10%, 50-60 Hz
AIR: 552-689 kPa (80-100 PSI) at 20-400LPM (0.7-14 CFM) clean, dry oil-free
ULTRASONIC NOZZLE DESIGNS: Impact, Vortex, Propel, WideTrack Dual Jet